Brown Bags

These brown bags were saved from the trash during a rainstorm.

Last Supper

American Italianate

2011. Cardboard, wood, used clothing & found objects. 7.5'x5.5'x6'.


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Hillbilly Teahouse

2012. Wood, Metal and Rubber. 9'x7.5'x8'.


2007. Ink & paper. 3.5"x2.75".

Blue-Collar Hillbilly Metropolitan Redneck Suit

2012. Used clothing, cardboard, hot glue


Go to a dumpster, find something in need of repair and repair it with items from the dumpster.

Found Performance

2007. Digital image.


2007. Paper & Wood. 3.5'x3.5'x3'.

Metropolitan Roadkill

2010. Mixed media. 8'x6.5'x4'.

The Slaves

2004. Paper and wood. 3.5'x2.5'x4'.

Suchlike (Found installation)

2005. Digital image.


When I first moved to my studio in an abandoned factory, I thought a lot about the layers of manufacturing & conversation that took place in that space.
2007. Paper, wood, mixed media.

Childhood Self-Portrait

2011. Mixed media.